Selection from Hortulus


Pamphlets published by Martin Luther, his associates and opponents, during the Reformation (1517-1648).

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Selection from a Mazarinade


Burlesques satires of Cardinal Mazarin, published at the time of the Fronde (1648-1653).

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Ex Scriptore

Texts from the Oxford Medieval & Early Modern Transcriptions Project.

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Excerpts from the Taylor collection, highlighting treasures and curiosities.

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Taylor Editions

Taylor Editions are digital texts and images from the collections of the Taylor Institution Library. They have been digitised by members of the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages, with the support of library staff, who have provided training on imaging, encoding and preservation.

Creating the Editions provides real-life training in creating digital resources, increases the visibility and accessibilty of research objects in Modern Languages, and gives the ongoing opportunity to submit translations and further resources for any of the texts featured.

The first texts to be created, the Reformation Pamphlets, were launched on the Reformation 2017 website by the Cultural Attaché of the German Embassy, Ms Charlotte Schwarzer, who remarked:

Competence in a foreign language is far more than linguistic skill. First and foremost, foreign languages are about building bridges between cultures, between people, and broadening one's own horizons. [...] I believe that this website [Reformation 2017] is one of those bridges.

We hope that this website fulfils its promise to be a way of building bridges, by bringing texts of cultural importance to a wider audience, facilitating their translation, and allowing students to comment on their impact and significance.