The Taylor Editions texts are primarily the result of a practical training course in creating Digital Editions, which is led by library staff at the Taylor Institution Library. The University of Oxford is now making this training course freely available to all, under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0) license.

The Training

The training is interactive - the XML sessions have exercises to complete, and many of the slides have clickable hyperlinks, sometimes embedded in images. Don't forget to explore the resources - each session has a worksheet to help you with that stage of the course. Please send any feedback to

Course Content

Session One. Introduction. Registration and choosing a text.

Session Two. Digitisation – images. How to take, use, describe and share images appropriately.

Session Three. Transcription. Editorial decisions and special characters.

Session Four. Encoding. Introduction to XML and the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI).

Session Five. Encoding 2. Navigating the TEI documentation. More advanced editorial encoding.

Session Six. Quality Assurance. Tips and tricks for checking your work.

Session Seven. Preservation. Using a repository.

Session Eight. Publication and Dissemination.

Contact Us

While the training materials are available to all, this is a practical course, and we can only offer to support work done by members of the University of Oxford. To take full advantage of the course, participants will need an XML template to get them started on their project, and will also need a platform such as Taylor Editions on which to publish their editions.

Members of the University of Oxford should email to obtain the XML template, and to access one-to-one help.


We really hope you enjoy this course. We are just starting out offering it remotely, so any feedback would be very gratefully received. Please email with your comments.

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