Fold your own pamphlet: an instruction

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This is the reconstruction of the broadside on which the Taylor Institution Library copies of the ‚Sermon von Ablass und Gnade‘ were originally printed. To produce your own pamphlet, follow these four steps:

1. Print double-sided on A3-sized paper or: print (fit to size) on A4 paper, then enlarge on photocopier Check whether the woodcut on the back is 10cm wide – then you have got the right measurements

2. Cut the sheet with the modern covers to make two wrappers

3. Fold both broadsheets so that the pages are in the order title, aij, aiij, page with date

4. Cut open the booklet at the top margin and cut off the white margins

5. Stitch each print into its own blue cover

More information on this print can be found on the website

Download the fold-your-own pamphlet (pdf file, 5MB)