[Gathering 4] ✠1r
Goostly psalmes and spirituall songes
Drawen out of the holy Scripture, for the co[m]for- te and consolacyon of soch as love to rejoyse in God and his Worde.
Psal. c. xlvi.‘O prayse the Lorde, for it is a good thinge to synge prayses unto oure God.’
Collo. iii.‘Teach & exhorte your awne selves with Psalmes & Hymnes & spirituall songes.’
Jaco. v.‘Yfeny of you be mery, let him singe Psalmes.’

To the boke.

1 ¶ Go lytle boke, get the acquaintance
2 Amonge the lovers of Gods worde
3 Geve them occasyon the same to avaunce
4 And to make theyr songes of the Lorde
5 That they may thrust under the borde
6 All other balettes of fylthynes
7 And that we all with one accorde
8 May geve ensample of godlynes
9 ¶ Go lytle boke amonge mens chyldren
10 And get the to theyr companye
11 Teach them to synge the co[m]maundementes ten
12 And other balettes of Gods glorye
13 Be not ashamed I warande the
14 Though thou be rude in songe and ryme
15 Thou shalt to youth some occasion be
16 In godly sportes to passe theyr tyme.

Myles Coverdale Unto the Christen reader

It greveth me (most deare Reader) wha[n] I consydre the unthankfulnesse of men, not- withstondynge the great abundaunt mer- cy and kyndnesse of almighty God, whiche so plenteously is heaped upon us on every syde. For though Christe oure Savioure goeth now Aboute from place to place, as dilige[n]tly as ever he dyd, teachynge in every countre, and prea- chynge ✠ the Gospell of the kyngdome, healyng Math.4.c. al maner of sicknesses and diseases both of body and concience amonge the people: yet is the un Mar.1.c. thankfulnesse of the worlde so great, that where ten are clensed, and have remission of theyr syn- nes, there is scarse one that co[m]meth agayne un- to Christ, & sayeth: Lorde gramercy, As the poore Luc17.b. Samaritane dyd in the gospel of Luke. ✠ which whan he sawe that he was clensed, turned back agayne, and with a loude voyce praysed God, & fell downe upon his face at Christes fete, & gave hym thankes. ¶ And by this we maye perceaue what causeth us to be so unthankfull as we are: namely, be- cause we do not call to mynde, nether consydre that we are clensed (as this ma[n] dyd). For yf we wold open oure eyes, and remembre well what kynd- nesse it is that the father of mercy hathe shewed us in Christe, and what great benefites he hath done and daylye doth for us in hym and for his sake ✠2r sake, we wolde not onely fall downe upon oure faces & geve hym thankes, but with loude voy- ces wolde we prayse, and in the myddes of the congregacyon wolde we extolle his name, as David & Asaph do almost in every Psalme, for doutles who so beleveth that God loveth him and feleth by his fayth that he hath forgeve[n] him all his synnes, and careth for hym, and delyve- reth him fro[m] evell, who so ever he be (I saye) that feleth this in his hert, shalbe compelled by the spirite of God to breake out into prayse and thankesgivynge therfore: yee he shall not be co[n]- tent, nor fully satisfied in his mynde, tyll other men knowe also what God hath done for hym, but shall crye and call upon them, as David doth, sayenge: ✠ O prayse the Lorde with me, Psal.33.a & let us magnyfie his name together. I sought the Lorde, and he herde me, yee he delyvered me out of all my feare. And in the same Psalme: O taist and se how frendly the Lorde is: blessed is the man the trusteth in hym. And in another place: ✠ O come hither and harken (all the that Psal.65.b. feare God) I wyll tell you what he hath done for my soule. &c

¶ O that men wolde prayse the goodnesse of the Lorde, and the wonders that he doth for the chyl- dren of men. O that we wolde remembre what great thinges the father of mercy hath done, doth dayly, and is ever ready to do for oure soules. O that me[n]s ✠ lippes were so opened, that theyr Psal.50.b mouthes myght shewe the prayse of God. Yee ✠ 11. wolde ✠2v wolde God that oure mynstrels had none other thynge to playe upo[n], nether oure carters & plow men other thynge to whistle upon, save Psal- mes, hymnes, and soch godly songes as David is occupied with all. And yf women syttynge at theyr rockes, or spynnynge at the wheles, had none other songes to passe theye tyme withall, Exo.15.1.Reg.2.aJu.5.aLuc.1d tha[n] soch as ✠ Moses sister, Elchanas wife, Deb bora, and Mary the mother of Christ have long before the[m], they shulde be better ocupied, then with hey nony nony, hey troly loly, &c soch lyke fantasies.

¶ Of yonge men also that have the gyfte of syn gynge, toke theyr plearure in soch wholsome ba lettes, as ✠ the thre chyldren synge in the fyre,⁊ as ✠ Jesus the sonne of Syzac doth in his last Dan.3Eccle.,51.a. chapter, it were a token, both that they felt some sparke of Gods love in theyr hertes, and that they also had some love unto hym, for truly as we love, so commeth oure myrth and joye. Wha[n] oure hertes are tangled with the vaine lustes of this corrupte worlde, than, yf we be mery and are de- sposed to gladnesse, our myrth is nothynge but wantonesse and inordinate pastyme, And when we are sad, oure hevynes is ether dedperacyon, or els some carefulnes of this vayne worlde

Contrary wyfe, yf ouree myndes be fyxed up- on God, and we subdued to the holy desyres of his sprete, the[n], lyke as oure hertes are occupied in the meditacyon of his goodnes & love whiche he ✠3r he beareth towarde us, even so are our tonges exercysed in the prayse of his holy name: So that when we are mery, oure pastyme and pleasure, oure joye, myrth and gladnesse is all of hym. And as for oure hevines, whe[n] we are sad (as every Eccle.3.a. thyng must have a tyme) it is eyther pacie[n]ce in trouble, repentau[n]ce for offences done in tyme past, compassyon upon other men, or els mournynge for oure owne infirmities, because oure body of synne provoketh us so oft to do the wyll of the fleshe. And thus God causeth both the myrth and sorowe of them that love hym, to worke for theyr profite, ✠ as all other thynges turne to Ro.8.d theyr best.

¶ Seynge then that (✠ as the prophete David Psal.148.a. sayeth) it is so good and pleasaunt a thynge to prayse the Lorde, & so expedie[n]t for us to be thankfull, therefore to geve oure youth of Englonde some occasion to chaunge theyr foule and corrupte balettes into swete songes and spirituall hymnes of Gods honoure, and for theyr owne consolacion in hym, I have here (good reader) set out certayne co[m]fortable songes grounded on Gods worde, and taken some out of the holy scripture specyally out of the Psalmes of David, at who[m] wolde God that oure Musicians wolde lerne to make theyr songes: & that they which are disposed to be mery, wolde in theyr myrth folowe the cou[n]cell Coll.3. of Saynt Paule and Saynt James, and not Jac.5. to passe theyr tyme in naughty songes of fleshly love and wa[n]tonesse, but with syngynge of Psal- mes ✠3v mes and soch songes as edifye, & corruppe not mens conversacyon.

¶ As for the come[n] sorte of balettes which now are used in the world, I reporte me to every good mans co[n]scie[n]ce what wycked frutes they brynge. Corruppe they not the maners of yonge perso- nes? Do they not tangle them in the snares of unclennesse? Yes truly, and blynde so the eyes of theyr understondynge, that they can nether thynke wel in theyr hertes, nor outwardly entre into the waye of godly and vertuous lyvynge. I nede not rehearce what evell ensamples of ydelnesse, corrupte talkyng (and all soch vyces as folowe the same) are geven to yonge people thorow soch unchristen songes. Alas the worlde is all to full of vicious and evell lyvers alredy. It is no nede to cast oyle in the fyre. ✠ Oure owne Gen.6. nature provoketh us to vyces (God knoweth) all to sore. No man nedeth entysynge therto.

¶ Seying then that we are ✠ commaunded, not 1.Jo.2. to love this worlde nether the lustes therof: seyng (I saye) that all the pleasures and joyes that ye Psal.61.b. worlde can imagyn, ✠ are but vanite, & vanyshe awaye as doth the smoke: what cause have we then to rejoyse so moch therin? Why do we not rather take these worldly lustes for oure very enemyes, that stoppe the waye betwixte us & that everlasting joye which is prepared for us in heaven? why do we not rather seke the thynges that are above, where Christe is at the rygth hande of God ✠ as saint Paule sayeth? Col.3. Wher-


¶ Wherefore ✠ Let not the wyseman rejoyse in his wysedome, nor the stronge ma[n] in his stre[n]gth Jer.9. nether the ryche man in his ryches (yee I dare be bolde to warne them that wyll be counceled) let not the courtyer rejoyse in his balettes, let not youth take theyr lust and pastyme in wantones & ignoraunce of God, or in myspendynge the fru- tes of theyr fathers laboure: but let us altoge ther (from the most unto the least) be glad, rejoyce and be mery even from our herte rotes, that we have gotten the knowledge of the Lorde among us, the were are sure of his love and favoure, & ✠ that our names are written in heaven. Luc. 10.

¶ The chyldre[n] of Israel in the olde tyme that wha[n] Exo.15. God had delyvered them from theyr enemyes, gave thankes unto hym, and made theyr songe of hym, as thou seist by Moses, Barac, David, Judi.5. and other mo. Why shulde not we then make ou- 2.Reg.22.a. re songes and myrth of God aswell as theyrs? Hath he not done as moche for us as for them? Hath he not delyvered us fro[m] as great troubles as them? Yes doutlesse. Why shulde he not then be oure pastyme as well as theyrs?

¶ As for soche Psalmes as the scrippture descry- beth, (besyde the great co[n]solacyon that they brynge into the herte of the spiritual synger) they do not only cause hym to spende his tyme well be exer- cysynge hym selfe in the swete worde of God. but thorow soch ensamples they provoke other men also unto the prayse of God and the vertuous lyvynge. And this is the very ryght use wherefore Psal-


Psalmes shulde be songe: namely, to comforte a mans herte in God, to make hym thankfull (& to exercyse hym in his worde, to corage hym in the waye of godlynesse, a[n]d to provoke other me[n] unto the same. By this thou mayest perceave, what spirituall edifienge co[m]meth of godly Psal mes and songes of Gods worde: and inco[n]- venience foloweth the corrupte ballettes of this vayne worlde.

¶ Now (beloved Reader) thou seist the occasy- on of this my small laboure. Where if thou perceavest, that the very word of God is that ma- ster thereof, I praye the accepte it, use it, and pro- voke youth unto the same. And if thou felest in thi- cy hert, that all the lordes dealynge is very mer- ry & kyndnes, cease not then to be thankfull unto hym therefore: but in the myrth be always syn- gyng of him, that his blessed name may be pray- sed now and ever. Amen.

A1rGoostly psalmes and spi rituall songesFo.i.

¶ To the holy Goost.

¶ O holy spirite our co[m]fortoure
For grace & help
lorde now we call
Teach us to know Christ
our savyoure
And his fathers mercy over all
From his swete worde let us not fall.
But lyft
A.i. A1vGoostly psalmes
up our hertes alway to the
That we may re
ceave it thankfully
¶ Now seynge we are come together
To heare the wordes of verite
In understandynge be thou guyder
That we may folowe the voyce of the
From straunge lernynge lorde kepe us fre
That we thorowe them be not begyled
Kepe our understandynge undefyled
¶ We praye the also blessed lorde
Enflame our hertes so with thy grace
That in our lyves we folowe thy worde
And one forgeve anothers trespace
To amende our lyves lorde geve us space
With thy godly frutes endewe us all
That from thy worde we never fall
A2rand spirituall songes.Fo.ii.
¶ Let us not have thy worde onely
In our mouthe and in our talkynge
But both in dede and verite
Let us shewe it in our lyvynge
Make us frutefull in every thynge
And in good workes so to encreace
That whyle we lyve we may the please.
¶ O lorde lende us thy strength and power
To mortifie all carnall luste
In all our trouble sende us succour
That we faynt not in the to truste
And make us stronge to suffre with Christe
Beynge pacient in adversite
And in all thynges thankfull to the.

Another of the same.

Come holy spirite moste blessed lorde
oure hartes nowe with thy grace
And make
A.ii. A2vGoostly Psalmes
our myndes of one accorde
Kyndle them with
love in every place
O Lorde thou forgevest
our trespace
And callest the folke of everye
To the ryght fayth and truste of thy
A3rand spirituall songesFo.iii.
That they may gyve thankes & synge to
Alleluya / Alleluya.
O holy lyght moste principall
The worde of lyfe shewe unto us
And cause us to know God over all
For our owne father moste gracious
Lorde kepe us from lernyng venyinous
That we folowe no masters but Christe
He is the verite, his worde sayth thus
Cause us to let in hym our truste
Alleluya / Alleluya.
O holy fyre and conforth moste swete
Fyll our hertes with fayth and boldnesse
To abyde by the in colde and hete
Content to suffre for ryghtuousnesse
O lorde geve strengthe to our weaknesse
A.iii. A3vGoostly psalmes
And sende us helpe every houre
That we may overcome all wyckednesse
And brynge this olde Adam under thy power
Alleluya / alleluya.

Another of the same.

Thou holy spirite we pray to the
our fayth and increace it alway
Co[m]forth our
hertes in adversite
With trewe beleve bothe
A4rand spirituall songesFo.iiii
nyght and daye.
¶ Thou worthy lyght that art so cleare
Teache us Christe Jesu to knowe alone
That we have never cause to feare
In hym to have redempcyon.
¶ Thou swete love graunt us altogether
To be unfayned in charite
That we may all love one another
And of one mynde alwaye to be.
¶ Be thou our confortoure in all nede
Make us to feare nether death nor shame
But in the treuth to be stablyshed
That Sathan put us not to blame.

Unto the Trenite.

God the father dwel us by
And let us never
A4vGoostly Psalmes
do amysse
geve us grace with wyll to dye
make us redy to thy blysse
from the devels
myght & power
kepe us in fayth every houre
and ever let us buylde on the
with hole herte
B1rand spirituall songesFo.v.
trustynge stedfastly
our fleshe is weake
devell is stronge
he wolde overthrowe us e-
ver amonge
without the can we never spede
nowe helpe us therefore in our nede
B.i. B1vGoostly psalmes
Amen let it be so
the[n] shall we synge Alleluya.
¶ Jesu Christ now dwell us by /
And let us never do amysse. &c.
¶ Holy Goost now dwell us by /
And let us never do amysse. &c.

The ten commaundementes of God.

These are the holy commaundementes ten
which God our lorde gave so strately
by mo-
B2rand spirituall songes.Fo.vi.
ses his servaunte unto all men
upon the hygh
hyll of Sinai.
✱¶ Thou shalt have none other God but me
Set thou thy trust in me alone
Love and dred me unfaynedly
With harte and mynde at all season.
¶✱ Thou shalt not take my name in vayne
But call onit in all thy nede
From others and lyes thou shalt refrayne
That my name be not dishonoured
¶ The Saboth day halowe thou to me
As I rested fro my wakynge
So cease thou from all vanite
That I maye worke in the all thynge.
B.ii. B2vGoostly psalmes
✱¶ Honoure thy father and mother also
With men that are in auctorite
‡ Obeye them all where ever thou go
So shall thy lyfe be longe truely.
✱¶ Thou shalt not kyll nor hate any man
Nor yet beare malyce in thy mynde
‡ Do thy enemyes the best thou can
And to all men Se thou be kynde.
¶ Thy wedlocke shalt thou kepe truly
And helpe other men to do the same
✱ That whordome and dishonestie
Maye be distroyed and put to blame
¶ Thou shalt not steale thy neghbours good
Nor get it with FalSe marchaundyse
✱ But worke with thyne hande to get thy food
And to Sustayne the poore helplesse.
¶ Agaynst no man heare false witnesse
And speake no evell to hurte his name.
✱ But yf he fall thorowe his weaknesse
Do thou thy best to cover his shame.
¶ Thou shalt not thy neghbours houSe desyre
His wyfe, seruaunt, nor mayde also
But shalt be glad his good to forbeare
As thou thy selfe woldest be done to.
B3rand spirituall songes.Fo.vii.

Another of the same.

Man ✱ wylt thou lyve ryght vertuously
with god reygne eternally
then must thou
kepe these co[m]maundementes ten
that god co[m]m-
maunded to all men.
✱¶ I am thy god and lorde alone
Exo.20,a.B.iii. B3vGoostly psalmes
Without me shalt thou other have none
Thy harte shall trust on me alwaye
Love and feare me both nyght and daye
¶ Thou shalt honoure my name with spede
And call on it in all thy nede
✠ Thou shalt halowe the Saboth daye
That I maye worke in the alwaye
✱¶ Honoure thy father and mother also
Obey thou them where ever thou go
‡ No mans persone desyre to kyll
✱ And thy wedlocke shalt thou fulfyll
‡ From thy neghboure steale thou nothynge
✱ nor false witnesse agaynst hym brynge
Thy neghbours houSe thou shalt not desyre
His wyfe and good shalt thou forbeare

The Crede.

We beleve all upon one God
maker of he-
B4rand spirituall songes.Fo.viii.
ven and erth he is truly
oure father deare he
hath hym made
ye we all his chyldren myght be
he provydeth for us dayly
body and soule de-
fe[n]deth he stro[n]gly
al mysfortune shal fro[m] us fle
B4vGoostly Psalmes
no harme shall happen to any of us
he careth
for us both day & nyght
he is oure keper most
al thyng[es] sto[n]de i[n] his power & myght
¶ We beleve all on Christe Jesu
His owne sonne and oure lorde most deare
✱ Which in godhead, power and vertue
Is alway lyke to his father
‡ Of the glorious virgyn Mary
Was he borne a man undoutedly
✱ Thorowe the holy goostes workyng fre
Math.1.c. C1rand spirituall songes.Fo.ix.
‡ For us deed and buried truely
He rose vp the thyrde daye alone
‡ To heaven ascended he myghtely
✱ Mar.16.a.
✱ And shall come to judge us echone.
¶ We beleve all on the holy goost
‡ Luc.[24].d.
Lyke the father and sonne in Trenite
In all oure trouble oure conforte most
✱ Math.25.c.
And in all oure adversite
‡ One holy church beleve we all
✱ 1. Jo5.a.
Which is fylled with sayntes great and small
And for synne can it never fall
‡ Eph.4.a.
✱ Of synnes there is clene remission
‡ Oure flesh shall aryse without doutynge
✱ Joh.20.c.
There is prepared for us everychone
✱ A lyfe that is everlastynge
‡ 1. Cor15.e.

Another of the same.

In God I trust, for so I must,
he hath made
heaven and earth also,
my father is he, his
C.i. C1vGoostly psalmes
chylde am I
my conforte he is
I have no
In all my nede he maketh me spede
power is with me alwaye
to helpe me every
There is no evell can have his wyll a-
C2rand spirituall songes.Fo.x.
gaynst my health nor yet my wealth
but it
muste come to my furtheraunce.
He is my
ye ruleth all thynge
ye devell can make
no hynderaunce.
C.ii. C2vGoostly psalmes
¶ So do I trust on Jesu Christ
His sonne ✱ conceaued of the holy goost
‡ Borne of Marye a virgin fre
For all my synnes to paye the cost
✱ For deed was he and buried truely
The gates of hell hath he broken
And heaven hath he made open
✱ He rose truely, the thyrde daye fre
1, Cor.15.a.
‡ He went up ryght, to the father of myght
✱ And shall apeare at domes daye
‡ For judge shall he, all the worlde truely
And dryve myne enemyes all awaye.
‡ Act.1.b.
¶ I also truste, on the holy goost
✱ Lyke the father and sonne in Trenite
My conforth best in all evell rest
In all my nede my chefest remedie
A church holy, I beleve truely
Which is but one generall
For synne can it never fall
A company of sayntes they be
Of synfulnesse ✱ true forgyvenesse
Is from amonge them never
✱ Oure fleshe verely shall ryle in glory
So shall we lyve with God for ever.

Of the Pater noster.

C3rand spirituall songesFo.xi.
O father ours celestiall
we praye to the,
wylt have us on the to call
in spirite and verite
Thy godly name be sanctified in great ho-
amonge us all
and halowed
also eve-
C.iii. C3vGoostly Psalmes
ry houre.
The kyngdome of thy grace drawe
nye that thou mayst dwell alwaye in us
thy holy spirite continually
that we remayne
not vicious
but as thou hast geve[n] us thy sprete
C4rand spirituall songes.Fo.xii.
so let us ever do good thorowe it.
¶ We praye the also blessed Lorde
✱ Let thy wyll be done
Amongst us here with one accorde
As in heaven all season
And let us never oure wyll fulfyll
But thyne alway
For ours is wycked and geven to evell
Truely both nyght and daye
‡ And geve us ever oure dayly bred
Both for oure body and soule also
And let us with thy worde be fed
That we be never kepte therfro
Lorde sende us true sheperdes therfore
To fede us thy shepe evermore
✱¶ Forgeve oure dettes and synfulnesse
Lorde we the praye
Where we have greved the more or lesse
Ether by nyght or daye
For we forgeve them that greve us
Or do us evell
Trustynge that thou wylt be gracyous
✱ Thy promyse to fulfyll
In no tentacyon Lorde us brynge
Nor suffre us for to fall from the
But be oure helpe in every thynge
C4vGoostly psalmes
And kepe us from all joperdy
Both of our body and soule also
And delyver us where ever we go.

Another of the same.

O oure father celestiall
now are we come to
praye to the
we are thy chyldren therfore we
hear us father mercyfully.
Now blessed
D1rand spirituall songes.Fo.xiii.
be thy godly name
& ever amonge us sa[n]ctified
there is none other but this same
mankynde must be saved.
✱¶ Thy kyngdome come / reigne thou in us
For to expell all synne awaye
Let not Sathan dwell in thy house
To put the forth by nyght nor day
Fulfylled be thy godly wyll
✱ Amonge us all for it is ryght
As they in heven do it fulfyll
So let us do both daye and nyght
D.i. D1vGoostly psalmes
✱¶ Oure dayly bred geve us this daye
And let us never perysh for nede
✱ The litle byrdes thou fedest alwaye
Thyne owne chyldren than must thou fede
Oure dettes are great forgeve us Lorde
As we oure detters all forgeve
And let us alwaye be restored
To thy mercy that we may lyve.
Tentacyon is sore in use
And strongly now are we proved
Good Lorde thou mayst us not refuse
We praye the with us to abyde
Nat that alone, but helpe us out
From parels all and joperdy
Let no evell sprete put us in doute
Of thy favoure and great mercy.

Be glad now all ye Christen men.

Be glad now all ye christen men
and let us re
joyse unfaynedly.
The kyndnesse can not be
D2rand spirituall songes.Fo.xiiii.
written with penne
that we have receaved of
gods mercy, whole love to warde us hath ne
ver ende
he hath done for us as a frende
let us thanke hym hartely.
¶ I was a prysoner of the devell
With death was I also utterly lost
Ro.5.bD.ii. D2vGoostly psalmes
My synnes drov me dayly to hell
✱ Therin was I borne this may I bost
I was also in them over ryfe
✱ There was no vertue in my lyfe
To take my pleasure I spared no cost.
¶ Unto my workes I trusted to sore
✱ But they coulde not helpe nor yet fre wyll
My herte was not the better therfore
✱ For I was alwaye geven to evell
My conscience drove me to despayre
It was so vexed all with feare
There was no helpe but synke to hell.
¶ Than God eternall had pitie on me
To ryd me fro my wyckednesse
✱ He thought of his plenteous great mercy
‡ And wolde not leave me comfortlesse
He turned to me his fatherly herte
And wolde I shulde with hym have parte
Of all his costly ryches.
¶ He spake to his deare beloved sonne
The tyme is nowe to have mercye
Thou must be mans redempcyon
And lowse hym from captivite
Thou must hym helpe from trouble of synne
From paynfull death thou must hym wynne
That he may lyve eternally
✱¶ Gods sonne was redy so to do
D3rand spirituall songesFo.xv.
‡ Into this worlde he cam to me
1. Tim.1.c.
Borne of a virgyn pure also
Because he thought my ‡ brother to be
✱ For in my shape he dyd apeare
Me to delyver whole from feare
And from all evell to make me fre
These lovynge wordes he spake to me
I wyll delyver thy soule from payne
I am desposed to do for the
And to myne owne selfe the to retayne
Thou shalt be with me for thou art myne
And I with the for I am thyne
Soch is my love I can not layne
¶ They wyll shed out my precyous bloude
And take way my lyfe also
Which I wyll suffre all for thy good
Beleve this sure where ever thou go
For I wyll yet ryse up agayne
Thy synnes I beare though it be payne
To make the safe and fre from wo.
I wyll go from this worldly lyfe
To my deare father with hym to lyve
Yet am I with the in batell and stryfe
Oure spirite of trueth I wyll the geve
Which shall the conforte in hevynes
And lede the into godlynes
Thus wyll I all thy synnes forgyve
D.iii. D3vGoostly Psalmes
✱¶ Soch thynges as I have taught and done
Shalt thou both teach and do also
Geve thankes for thy redempcyon
And knowledge my worde where ever thou go
And kepe the well from straunge lernynge
Which maye the to destruction brynge
So wyll I never departe the fRo.

Now our health is come from above

Now is oure helth come from above
for god
hath shewed us his mercy
we can not deserve
to have his love
yet Christ hath brought us li
D4rand spirituall songes.Fo.xvi.
berte fro[m]al our sines & wickednes
our naugh
tie lyfe & wa[n]to[n]nes
& wyl not co[n]de[m]ne us truly
¶ What god had commaunded in the lawe
Were we not sufficient for to do
For oure stomakes it was to rawe
Gods wrath reigned in us also
‡ Oure flesh was weake it had no myght
We coulde not geve the sprete his ryght
‡ Rom:8.a.
Oure flesh wolde not consent therto.
¶ Yet had we a false meanyng therbye
And thought the lawe was geven therfore
As who saye we were all so fre
Gods lawe to fulfyll evermore
The lawe is but a scolemaster,
Which doth oure naturall evell declare
That causeth us to synne so sore
¶ For all this must the lawe be done
D4vGoostly psalmes
Els had we ben all utterly lost
✱ Therfore hath god sent his deare sonne
Which was made man to paye the cost
‡ The hole lawe hath he well fulfylled
His fathers anger hath he stylled
To do it els no man coulde boost.
✱¶ The lawe therfore sheweth us oure synne
And smytteth oure conscience to the grounde
But whan the gospell commeth therin
It lyfteth us vp and maketh us sounde
✱ Oure synne is great but mercy is more
Oure conscience oft doth greve us sore
But Christe hath stopped that bloudy wounde.
¶ Whan I consyder this in my mynde
What God in Christ hath done for me
I can in no wyse be unkynde
Nor use my selfe unchristenly
I am compelled godly to lyve
My neghboures fautes to forgeve
✱ As Christ dyd for me mercyfully
¶ So are good workes the very frute
Of hym that beleveth stedfastly
A good tre with good frutes breaketh out
✱ As the gospell doth testifie
For lyke as fayth hangeth whole on God
To shulde oure workes do other men good
✱ For fayth without them can not be
E1rand spirituall songes.Fo.xvii.
¶ O heavenly father graunt thy grace
✱ Thy name in us to be sanctified
Thy kyngdome come / thy wyll alwayes
Amonge us all be fulfylled
Fede us and forgeve all oure evell
Lede us not in tentacion styll
From evell delyver us at oure nede.

Christ is the only sonne of god.

Christ is the only sonne of God
the father e-
we have in Jesse fou[n]de this rod
& man naturall
he is the mornynge starre
E.i. E1vGoostly psalmes
his beames sendeth he out farre
beyonde o-
ther starres all.
✱¶ He was for us a man borne
In the last parte of tyme
yet kepte she may maydenheade unforlorne
His mother that bare hym
He hath hell gates broken
And heaven hath he made open
Bryngynge us lyfe agayne.
¶ Thou onely maker of all thynge
Thou everlastynge lyght
From ende to ende all rulynge
By thyne owne godly myght.
Turne thou oure hartes unto the
And lyghten them with the verite
That they erre not from the ryght
E2rand spirituall songes.Fo.xx.
¶ Let us increace in love of the
And in knowledge also
That we belevynge stedfastly
✱ Maye in spirite serve the so
That we in oure hartes maye savoure
Thy mercy and thy favoure
And to thyrst after no mo.
¶ Awake us lorde we praye tho
Thy holy spirite us geve
Which maye oure olde man mortifie
That oure new man maye lyve
So wyll we alwaye thanke the
That shewest us so great mercye
And oure synnes dost forgeve.

Media vita

In the myddest of oure lyvynge
death co[m]pa-
seth us rou[n]de about
who shuld us now sucour
E.ii. E2vGoostly psalmes
by whose grace we maye come out,
even thou lorde Jesu alone.
It doth our har-
tes sore greve truly
that we have offe[n]ded the,
O lorde god most holy
O lord god most migh
E3rand spirituall songes.Fo.xix.
O holy & mercyfull savioure
thou most
worthy god eternal
l /
suffre us not at oure last
for any death fro[m] the to fall.
¶ In the myddest of oure dyenge
We are vexed with helles payne
Who shulde helpe us out of this thynge
With stronge fayth to resyste it agayne
Even thou lorde Jesu alone
For whan we crye and call on the
Thou art moved than with mercye
E3vGoostly Psalmes
O lorde god most holy
O lorde god most myghtye
O holy and mercyfull Savioure
Thou most worthy god eternall
Suffre us not at oure last houre
For any hell from the to fall.
¶ In the myddest of oure helles payne
Oure owne synnes vexe us greatly
Who shulde save us from desayre agayne
That we maye holde by thy mercy
Even thou lorde Jesu alone
For thy deare bloude ryght plenteously
Was shed out for oure synnes frely
O lorde god most holy
O lorde god most myghtie
O holy and mercyfull savioure
Thou most worthy god eternall
Suffre us not at oure last houre
Thorow despare from the to fall

By Adams fall.

By Adams fall was so forlorne
the whole na
E4r>and spirituall songes.Fo.xviii.
ture of ma[n]kynde
ye were poysoned or we
were borne
& no helpe therto could we fynde
Tyll Christ Jesu
by his vertue for oure dette
his deare bloude had spent
that we were
E4vGoostly psalmes
in by Adams synne
whan he brake gods com
✱¶ Seynge Eve was sore begyled
By the serpentes tentacyon
Because she gods worde despysed
Brought mankynde to destruccyon
Agaynst this dede
It was great nede
That god shulde us to comforte geve
✱ His owne deare sonne
And ‡ mercy troane
By whose death we all myght lyve.
✱ Lyke as in Adam a straunge det
Dad brought us to destruccyon
So are we now delyvered from it
In Christ oure ryght salvacyon
F1rand spirituall songes.Fo.xxi.
Lyke as we all
By Adams fall
Were ordened with ryght to dye
So in gods sonne
Have we founde eternally.
✱¶ So dyd he then geve us his sonne
When we were yet his enemyes
‡ Which for us on the crosse was done
And so the thyrde daye dyd aryse
‡ To justifie
All us that trust fast on his myght
Why shulde we than
Drede any payne
He is now oure owne by ryght
¶ He is his fathers eternall worde
The waye / the lyfe / and verite
He is the Savioure and the lorde
Whome he hath geven us frely
To be oure health
Oure helpe and wealth
And not to truste in any man
For there is none
But he alone
That us sucoure or comforth can
✱¶ Man is all wicked by nature
There is no helpe with hym to fynde
Ge.6.aF.i. F1vGoostly psalmes
Who seketh helpe in a creature
And not in god with harte and mynde
He buyldeth on sonde
And may not stonde
Whan tyme cometh of tentacyon
✱ Therfore to trest
on god is best
And the most sure foundacyon.
✱¶ He that hopeth on god stedastly
Shall never be confounded
For doutles gods worde can not ley
Though all men shuld resist it
Great trouble and care
Is every where
This worldes sorowe is infinite
yet sawe I never
Hym perysh for ever
That fast on gods worde trusted
¶ O lorde I praye the hartely
For thy great mercyfull kyndnesse
✱ Thy wholsome worde take not fro me
Because of my unthankfulnesse
✱ My synne is great
I knowlege it
‡ But thy mercy excelleth all thynge
Therfore wyll I
Hope styll in the
To thy blysse that thou mayest me brynge.
F2rand spirituall songes.Fo.xxii.
Wake up wake up in gods name
thou wor-
thy fayre christente
and shewe thy brydgro-
mes great fame
for that he hath done to the
which hath his worde now sent
and opened
F.ii. F2vGoostly psalmes
it once agayne
as thou mayest se in many a
where now is preached his grace
so tru
ly and so playne
¶ Thy olde enemye that Sathan
✱ The father of all lesynge
Seketh all the meanes that he can
The verite downe to brynge
If any man speake therof
It must cost hym his bloude
For many soch men he dryveth awaye
And some he slayeth now every daye
Yet all doth hym no good.
F3rand spirituall songesFo.xxiii.
¶ He can not leve his cruelnesse
But threateneth daye and nyght
His mynde is whole the to oppresse
That thou mayest feare his myght
But stonde thou fast in god
O worthy fayre Christente
He is thy helpe and sucoure
Who so doth the displeasure
✱ He toucheth gods owne eye.
¶ Beholde how god hath ever done
For Israell in theyr nede
He drowned kynge Pharao rhyght sone
With all that them troubled
‡ The walles of Hierico fell
So sone as gods folke came
Thy lorde god is so myghty
That he can helpe the swyftly
And put thy foes to blame.
¶ The Madianites dyd all theyr best
To trouble gods people deare
The Amaleckes wolde not let them rest
But helde them styll in feare
Israell cryed to god
Which helped them lovyngly
By Gedeon his servaunt
There fell a hundreth thousande
And twenty thousande truly.
¶ Remembre how god kepte David
✱ From Saul that wicked kynge
1.Reg.23.e.F.iii. F3vGoostly Psalmes
How oft he hym delyvered
‡ Which caused David to synge
✱ He had also great harme
Even of his naturall sonne
That made great laboure hym to slaye
But god delyvered hym alwaye
✱ And hanged fayre Absalon.
¶ Note also how god helped
The good kynge Abia
And hym strongly delyvered
From Hieroboam alwaye
Though he was sore vexed
Of hym a longe season
✱ As sone as he complayned
Fyve hundreth thousande were slayne deed
And all destroyed ryght sone
¶ So hath god helped ryght well
Assa that faythfull kynge
That we his sucoure myght fele
In every troublous thynge
His enemyes were many
And stronge in all mens syght
✱ A thousande tymes a thousand
Yet were they not so stronge to stande
2 Pa.14.c.
But fell all thorow gods myght.
¶ Consyder how god delyvered
The kynge Ezechiam
Which was very oft sore threatened
F4rand spirituall songes.Fo.xxiiii.
With Sennacherib by name
Of thousandes even an hundreth
Foure score and. v. he brought
Yet were they sone destroyed than
Gods aungell slewe them every man
And brought them all to nought.
¶ Heare to how strongly god fought
For his kynge Iosaphat
When Ammon all his power brought
And Moabs hoost was therat
Israel called to God
He was theyr helpe onely
The heythen were so plaged
That on dyd slaye another deed
Gods folke gat the victory.
¶ Thus all gods enemyes peryshed
God slewe them all sodenly
His hande is not yet shortened
O worthy fayre Christente
He can the well defende
Thy heeres are tolde truly
Let Sathan do all that he maye
Yf thou holde fast gods worde alwaye
He shall not forsake the.

I call on the lorde Jesu Christe.

F4vGoostly psalmes
I call on the lorde Jesu Christ
I have none
other helpe but the.
My herte is never set at
tyll thy swete worde have comforted me.
A stedfast fayth graunt me therfore
to holde
G1rand spirituall songes.Fo.xxv.
by thy worde evermore
above all thynge, ne-
ver resistynge
but to increace in fayth more
and more.
¶ Yet once agayne I call on the
Heare my request o mercyfull lorde
I wolde fayne hope on thy mercye
And can not be therto restored
Excepte thou with thy grace oppresse
My blynde and naturall weknesse
Cause me therfore
To hope evermore.
G.i. G1vGoostly psalmes
Or thy mercy and swete promises
¶ Lorde prynte into my harte and mynde
Thy holy spirite with ferventnesse
That I to the be not unkynde
But love the without faynednesse
Let nothynge drawe my mynde from the
But ever to love the ernestly
Let not my harte
Unthankfully departe
From the ryght love of thy mercye
¶ Geve me thy grace lorde I the praye
To love myne enemyes hartely
Now be it they trouble me alwaye
And for thy cause do slaundre me
Yet Jesu Christ for thy goodnesse
Fyll my harte with forgevenesse
That whyle I lyve
I maye them forgeve
That do offende me more or lesse.
¶ I am compased all rounde aboute
With sore and stronge tentacyon
Therfore good lorde delyver me out
From all this wycked nacyon
The devell/ the wordle / my fleshe also
Therfore wolde I
Now fayne delyvered be
Thy helpe I seke lorde and no mo.
G2rand spirituall songes.Fo.xxvi.
¶ Now seist thou lorde what nede I have
I have none els to complayne to
Therfore thy holy goost I crave
To be my guyde where ever I go
That in all my adversite
I forget not the love of the
But as thou lorde
Hast geven me thy worde
Let me therin both lyve and dye.

Of the byrth of Christ.

Now blessed be thou Christ Jesu
thou art
man borne this is true
the Aungels made
a mery noyse
yet have we more cause to re-
G.ii. G2vGoostly psalmes
joyse Kirieleyson.
¶ The blessed sonne of god onely
✱ In a crybbe full poore dyd lye
With oure poore flesh and oure poore bloude
Was clothed that everlastynge good
¶ Be that made heaven and earth of nought
In oure fleshe hath oure health brought
✱ For oure sake made he hym selfe full small
That reigneth lorde and kynge over all
✱ Eternall lyght doth now apeare
To the worlde both farre and neare
It shyneth full cleare euen at mydnyght
Makynge us chyldren of his lyght
¶ The lorde Christ Jesu gods sonne deare
Was a gest and a straunger here
Us for to brynge from mysery
That we myght lyve eternally
✱¶ Into this worlde ryght poore came he
To make us ryche in mercye
Therfore wolde he oure synnes forgeve
G3rand spirituall songes.Fo.xxvii.
That we with hym in heaven myght lyve
¶ All this dyd he for us frely
For to declare his great mercy
All christendome be mery therfore
And geve hym thankes evermore

Of the resurrection.

Christe is now rysen agayne
from his death
and all his payne
therfore wyll we mery
and rejoyse with [hym] gladly.
G.iii. G3vGoostly psalmes
✱¶ Had he not rysen agayne
We had ben lost this is playne
But sen he is rysen in dede
Let us love hym all with spede
¶ Now is tyme of gladnesse
To synge of the lordes goodnesse
Therfore glad now wyll we be
And rejoyse in hym onely.

Another of the same.

Christ dyed and suffred great payne
for oure
synnes and wykednesse
but he is now rysen
G4rand spirituall songes.Fo.xxviii.
to make us full of gladnesse.
Let us
all rejoyse therfore
and geve hym thankes for
synging to hi
Alleluya / Alleluya.
¶ There was no man that coulde overwynne
The power of death nor his myght
And all this came thorow oure synne
Wherfore we were dampned by ryght
By occasyon of which thynge
Death toke us into his kepynge
We coulde not escape out of his syght.
G4vGoostly psalmes
¶ But the lorde Jesu gods owne sonne
Takynge on hym oure weake nature
✱ Hath put awaye oure synnes alone
And overcome death thorow his power
As for death and his great myght
Christ hath overcome it all by ryght
It can do us no displeasure
¶ It was a marvelous great thynge
To se how death with death dyd fyght
For the one death gat the wynnynge
And the other death lost his myght
✱ Holy scripture speaketh of it
How one death another wolde byte
The death of Christ hath wonne by ryght
✱¶ This same is the ryght Paschall lambe
That was ones offred for oure synne
Into this worlde mekely he came
From Sathans power us to wynne
✱ For oure wickednesse wolde he dye
And rose us for to justifie
The mercy of god was great therin

Gloria in excelsis deo.

To god the hyghest be glory alwaye
for his
H1rand spirituall songes.Fo.xxix.
great kyndnes and mercy
that doth provyde
both nyght and daye
both for oure soule and
oure body
To ma[n]kynde hath god great plea
now is great peace every where
god hath
H.i. H1vGoostly psalmes
put out all enmyte.
Ad Patrem.
¶ We love and prayse and honoure the
For thy great glory we thanke thy grace
That thou god father eternally
Art oure defender in every place
✱ Thou art to us a mercyfull father
And we thy chyldren altogether
Therfore we geve the thankes alwayes
Ad filium.
¶ O Jesu Christ thou onely sonne
Of god almyghtye thy heaunly father
✱ Oure full and whole redempcyon
Thou that hast stilled gods displeasure
‡ O gods lambe that takest synne awaye
When we have nede helpe us alwaye
graunt us thy mercy altogether.
Ad Spiritum sanctum.
¶ O holy goost oure hevynesse
In all oure trouble and hevynesse
Defende us all from Sathans power
Whome Christ hath bought from wofulnesse
Kepe oure hertes in the verite
In oure tentacion stonde us by
And strength alwaye oure weake bodies.
H2rand spirituall songes. Fo.xxx.

[Magnificat] / Which is the songe of the virgin Mary.. Luc.j.

My soule doth magnifie the Lorde,
my spret
rejoyseth greatly,
in God my Savioure & his
for he hath sene the lowe degre,
of me his
ha[n]dmayde[n] truly
beholde now after this day,
H.ii. H2vGoostly psalmes
al generacyons shall speake of me,
and cal me
blessed alwaye.
¶ For he that is onely of myghte
Hath done great thynges for me:
And holy is his name by ryghte
As for his endles mercy
It endureth perpetually
In every generacyon
On them that feare hym unfaynedly
Without dissimulacyon.
¶ He sheweth strength with his great arme
Declaryng hymselfe to be of power
He scatereth the proude to theyr owne harme
Even with the wicked behavoure
Of theyr owne hertes every houre
He putteth downe the myghtye
H3rand spirituall songes.Fo.xxxi.
From theyr hye seate and great honoure
Exaltynge them of lowe degre.
¶ The hongrye fylleth he with good
And letteth the ryche go emptie
Where his owne people want no foode
Be thynketh upon his mercye
And helpeth his servaunt truly
Even Israel as he promysed
Unto oure fathers perpetually
Abraham and to his sede.

Nunc dimittis / Which is the songe of Simeon. Luc.ij.

With peace and with joyfull gladnesse
with a mery harte
accordynge to thy swete
H.iii. H3vGoostly Psalmes
Lorde let me now departe.
geve me leave that I may dye
for I wolde
be present with the.
¶ For myne eyes have sene the Savioure
That is sent out from the
Thou hast satisfied my harte therfore
That thou hast shewed hym me
Which is oure onely salvacyon
Oure helth and oure redempcion.
¶ Whome thou hast prepared ryght well
H4rand spirituall songes.Fo.xxxii.
And shewed hym openly
Before the face of all people
Preachynge thy worde planely
Kepynge no man from thy kyngdome
That thorow hym wyll therin come.
¶ He is the true and onely lyght
Which moved with mercy
restoreth the gentyls to theyr syght
Lyghtenynge theyr hartes tryly
He is the glory of Israel
Thy people whom thou lovest so well.

¶ The. xi. Psalme of David.

Saluum me fac Domine.

¶Agaynst false doctryne and ypocrites.

Helpe now o Lorde & loke on us,
how we are
brought in lowe degre
thy saintes are dryve[n]
H4vGoostly Psalmes
from every house,
✱ there are fewe faythfull
lefte truly,
men wyll not suffre thy trueth to
be knowen,
thy fayth all most overthrowe[n]
amonge mens chyldren piteously.
✱ It is but lyes and vanite
Ose,7.a. I1rand spirituall songes.Fo.xxxiii.
That one preacheth now to his brother
They flatter with theyr lyppes falsely
And one dyssembleth with another
Thus shewe they with theyr mouth one thynge
And yet have they another meanynge
Within theyr hertes altogether.
¶ O that the Lorde wolde once rote out
All soch disceatful lyppes speakynge
Which wyll not have that men shulde doute
In thynges that are of theyr makynge
We ought to speak by auctorite
Oure tongue shulde prevayle (they say proudly
Who shulde rule us or oure doynge?
¶ Therfore sayeth the Lorde / now wyll I ryse
I se the poore are oppressed
Theyr sore complaynte wyll I not despyse
But wyll them helpe shortly in dede
I wyll set them at lybertie
My worde shalbe preached planely
They shall nomore be disceaved.
✱¶ Sylver seven tymes tryed in the fyre
Is purified and made cleare therby
So is gods worde alwaye nearer
Whan it is persecute cruelly
The Lordes wordes are pure and ryght
And wyll not be kepte downe by myght
But wyll apeare the more planely.
¶ O Lorde defende thou them therfore
I.i. I1vGoostly psalmes
And preserve us gracyously
From this generacyon evermore
That persecute us so cruelly
For whan vanite and ydilnesse
Is set by amonge men, doutles
all are full of the ungodly.

The seconde Psalme of David.

¶ Quare fremuerunt gentes.

Wherfore do the heithen now rage thus,
spyryng together so wyckedly?
wherfore are
the people so malicious
vayne thynges to y-
I2rand spirituall songes.Fo.xxxiiii.
magyn so folyshly?
The kynges of the earth
stonde up together,
& worldly rulers do con
agaynst the lorde and his Christ truly.
✱¶ They saye / let us breake up theyr bondes
And let us cast theyr yocke awaye
The enmyes.
Theyr lawes wyll make us lose oure londes
Therfore none soch wyll we obeye
But he that in heaven hath residence
Shall laugh them to scorne and theyr pretence
The p[ro]phete
The lorde shall mocke them nyght and daye.
I.ii. I2vGoostly psalmes
¶ The Lorde shall talke with them together
In his great anger and wrath truly
And also he shall trouble them ever
Thrugh his displeasure at them daylye
✱ Yet have I ordened and set my kynge
God yefather.
On my hyll Syon to have rulynge
Theyr heade and governoure for to be
✱¶ I wyll shewe forth the co[m]mmaundement
Christthe son,
Whereof the Lorde hath sayd to me
✱ Thou art my sonne, whome I have sent
God yefather
‡ This daye have I begotten the
Are me and I shall geve the soone
All Heithen in possession
Thorow out the worlde where ever they be.
¶ Forsoth thou shalt rule them together
✱ With a rodde of yron made strongly
‡ Lyke erthen vessel brent in the fyre
Shalt thou them breake that resyst the
Esa 30
✱ Therfore the kynges now understonde
The p[ro]phete.
Be wyse and resyst not the Lordes honde
Be content the judges warned to be.
¶ With feare se that the serve the Lorde
Rejoyse before hym all with drede
Kysse the the sonne and his swete worde
The lorde wyll els be sore greved
Than shall the peryshe from the verite
His wrath shalbe kyndled shortly
✱ They that truste in hym are all blessed.
I3rand spirituall songes.Fo.xxxv.

The. xlv. Psalme of David.

¶ Deus noster refugium.

Oure God is a defence and towre
a good
armoure and good weape[n]
he hath ben ever
oure helpe and sucoure
in all the troubles that
we have ben in
therfore wyl we never drede
I.iii. I3vGoostly psalmes
for any wo[n]derous dede
by water or by lo[n]de
hilles or the see so[n]de
our god hath the[m] al i[n] his ho[n]d
✱¶ Though we be alwaye greatly vexed
With many a great tentacyon
Yet thanked be god we are refreshed
His swete worde conforteth oure mansion
✱ It is gods holy place
He dwelleth here by grace
✱ Amonge us is he
Both nyght and daye truly
He helpeth us all and that swyftly.
¶ The wicked heithen besege us straytly
And many great kyngdomes take theyr parte
✱ They are gathered agaynst us truly
And are sore moved in theyr herte
But gods worde as cleare as daye
Maketh them shrenke awaye.
I4rand spirituall songes.Fo.xxxvi.
The lorde god of power
stondeth by us every houre
The god of Jacob is oure stronge towre
✱¶ Come hether now beholde and se
The noble actes and dedes of the lorde
What great thynges he doth for us daylye
And conforteth us with his swete worde
For whan oure enemyes wolde fyght
Than brake he theyr myght
Theyr bowe and theyr speare
(so that we nede not feare)
And brent theyr charettes in the fyre
¶ Therfore sayeth god / take hede to me
Let me alone and I shall helpe you
Knowe me for youre god I saye onely
Amonge all heithen that reigne now
✱ Wherfore than shulde we drede
Seynge we have no nede
✱ For the lorde god of power
Stondeth by us every houre
The God of Jacob is oure stronge towre.

The.C.xxiii.Psalme of David.

¶ Nisi quia Dominus.

Except the lorde had bene with us
now maye
I4vGoostly psalmes
Israel say boldly
Excepte the lorde had ben
with us
when men rose up agaynst us fearsly
✱ they had devoured us quyck doutlesse
& had
overwonne us confortles
they were so wroth
K1rand spirituall songes.Fo.xxxvii.
at us truly.
¶ The wawes of waters had wrapped us in
Oure soule had gone under the floode
The depe waters of these proude men
Had ronne oure soules over where they stode
They Lorde be praysed every houre
That wolde not suffre them us to devoure
Nor in theyr tethe to sucke oure bloude
¶ Oure soule is delyvered from theyr power
They can not have that they have sought
As they byrde from the snare of the fouler
So are we from theyr daungers brought
The snare is broken and we are fre
Oure helpe is in the lordes name truly
Which hath made heaven and earth of nought.


¶ Super flumina Babilonis.

At the ✱ ryvers of Babilo[n]
there sat we downe
K.i. K1vGoostly Psalmes
ryght hevely
Even whan we thought upon
we wept together sorofully
for we
were in soch hevynes
that we forgat al our me
& left of all oure sporte & playe
on the
K2rand spirituall songes.Fo.xxxviii.
willye trees that were therby
we hanged up our
harpes truly
& morned sore both night & day.
¶ They that toke us so cruelly
And led us bounde into pryson
Requyred of us some melody
With wordes full of derision
When we had hanged our harpes awaye
This cruell folke to us coulde saye
Now let us heare some mery songe
Synge us a songe of some swete toyne
As the were wont to synge at Sion
Where the have lerned to synge so longe
¶ To whom we answerd soberly
Beholde now are we in youre honde
How shulde we under captivite
Synge to the lorde in a straunge londe
K.ii. K2vGoostly Psalmes
Hierusalem I say to the
Yf I remembre the not truly
My honde playe on the harpe no more
Yf I thynke not on the alwaye
Let my tonge cleve to my mouth for aye
And let my loose my speache therfore.
¶ Yee above all myrth and pastaunce
Hierusalem I preferre the
Lorde call to thy remembraunce
✱ The sonnes of Edom ryght strately
In the daye of the destruction
Which at Hierusalem was done
For they sayd in theyr cruelnes
Downe with it, downe with it, destroye it all
Downe with it soone, that it may fall
Laye it to the grounde all that there is.
✱¶ O thou cite of Babilon
Thou thy selfe shalt be destroyed
Truly blessed shalbe that man
Which even as thou hast deserved
Shall rewarde the with soch kyndnesse
As thou hast shewed to us gyltlesse
Which never had offended the
Blessed shall he be that for the nones
Shall throwe thy chyldren agaynst the stones
To brynge the out of memorie.


¶ Beati omnes qui timent Dominum.

K3rand spirituall songes.Fo.xxxix.
Blessed are all that feare the lorde
pynge hym both nyght and daye
they[r] lyfe after his worde
and walkyng ever
in his waye
and walkynge ever in his waye.
✱¶ For thou shalt get thyne owne lyvynge
Gen.3.K.iii. K3vGoostly psalmes
And eate thy bred without ydelnesse
Even with thy handes laborynge
So shalt thou have prosperous increase
¶ Thy wyfe as the [vyne] shalbe frutefull
Within the walles of thy dwellynge
Thy chyldren shall stonde about thy table
Lyke Olyve braunches floryshynge,
¶ Lo thus shall that man be blessed
And happye shall he be alwaye
That leadeth his lyfe in the lordes drede
And feareth hym both nyght and daye.
✱¶ From Sion shall the lorde blesse the
And pleasure shalt thou have amonge
Beholdynge the great prosperite
Of Hierusalem all thy lyfe longe.
¶ The lorde shall so prolonge thy lyfe
That thy chyldres chyldren thou shalt se
In Israel shalt thou se no stryfe
But peace and great felicite.

¶ The same Psalme.

¶ Beati omnes.

Blessed are all that feare the lorde
Psal.33.b. K4rand spirituall songes.Fo.xl.
hym both nyght and daye
ordrynge theyr lyfe
after his worde
& walkynge ever in his waye
for thou shalt get thin owne lyving
& eat thy
bred without ydelnes
ev[en] [with] thin owne h[an]des
K4vGoostly psalmes
and shalt have prosperous increace
and want nothynge to thy hartes ease.
¶ Thy wyfe also shalbe frutefull
Within the walles of thy dwellynge
As the vyne tre plenteous and full
Shall she fayre chyldren to the brynge
Which rounde aboute thy table shall stonde
Lyke fayre plantes of the Olyve tre
Lo, thus shall he blessed be founde
That worshippeth and feareth the lorde truly
Havynge Gods lawe before his eye
¶ The lorde shall do the good alwaye
From the holy hyll of Syon
Thou shalt delyte both nyght and daye
Beholdynge the prosperous fortune
Of Hierusalem all thy lyfe longe
L1rand spirituall songes.Fo.xli.
✱ And thy chyldres chyldren shalt thou se
Thus shall the lorde thy dayes prolonge
To se the peace and felicite
Wherin all Israel shalbe.

¶ The.L.Psalme of David.

¶ Miserere mei Deus.

O lorde god have thou mercy on me
after thy
marvelous great pite
as thou art ful of mercy
do away all my iniquite.
✱ And washe me fro[m]
L.i. L1vGoostly psalmes
all fylthynesse
of my great synnes and wan-
for they are many within me
and ever
I fele them hevye
my synne is alwaye before
myne eye
I have alone offended the
L2rand spirituall songes.Fo.xlii.
the have I lyved synfully
in thy worde ston-
dest thou stedfastly
thoughe thou be judged
¶ Se how I am conceaved in synne
My mother hath brought me forth therin
A chylde of wrathe by nature borne
And without the lorde am forlorne
To the treuth thou hast a pleasure alwaye
And helpest my blyndnesse every daye
To knowe thy wysedome gracyously
That thou hast hyd so secretly
L.ii. L2vGoostly psalmes
With ysope fayre sprenkle thou me
Washe thou me clene / so shall I be
Whyter then snowe / mende thou my cheare
My weery bones to helpe from feare
Which thou thy selfe hast brused so neare.
¶ Loke not upon my wreched lyfe
Forgeve my synnes that are so ryfe
✱ Lorde make in me a ryght pure harte
A good conscience let be my parte
A godly spirite renew in me
And cast me not away from the
Thy holy spirite let me have styll
To be my conforte in all evell
And let me have ever the gladnesse
Of thy health in all hevynesse
Thy myghtie spirite holde thou in me
I wyll helpe synners turne to the
Thy waye wyll I teache them hartely.
¶ God rydde me from bloudgyltynesse
Thou god of all my healthfulnesse
So shall my tonge geve prayse to the
Thy rhyghtuousnesse to honoure in me
Lorde open thou these lippes of myne
That my mouthe maye to thy prayse inclyne
✱ Thou hast no pleasure in offrynge
Forels I thought them the to brynge
Burntoffrynges are not to thy paye
They please not the though they be gaye
They are nothynge worth in thy syght
L3rand spirituall songes.Fo.xliii.
Gods offryne is of moche more inyght
A spirite all troubled is his ryght.
✱¶ A contrite harte that is brought lowe
Shalt thou lorde god awaye not throwe
That dost thou alwaye so regarde
That it shall ever of the be harde.
To Sion lorde be gracyous
After thy kyndnesse plenteous
That the walles of Hierusalem
Maye be buylded and brought from shame
Then shalt thou be pleased doutlesse
With the offrynge of ryghtuousnes
With the brentoffrynges of thy wyll
Then shall good men theyr calves kyll
Therwith thyne altare to fulfyll.

The same Psalme.

¶ Miserere mei Deus.

O god be mercyfull to me
accordynge to thy
great pitie
✱ washe of make clene my iniquite
Psal.31.a. L3vGoostly psalmes
I knowlege my synne and it greveth me
gaynst the agaynst the only have I synned
which is before myne eye.
Though thou be
judged in mans syght
✱ yet are thy wordes
Ro.3. L4rand spirituall songes.Fo.xliiii.
founde true and ryght.
¶ Beholde, I was borne all in synne
My mother conceaved me therin
But thou lovest treuth, and haste shewed me
Thy wysedome hyd so secretly
With fayre ysope lorde sprenkle thou me
Washe thou me clene / so shall I be
Whyter than snowe / cause me rejoyse
Make my bones mery whō thou madest lowse.
¶ Lorde turne thy face fro my wickednesse
Clense me from all unryghtuousnesse
A pure harte lorde make thou in me
Renewe a ryght spirite in my body
Cast me not out away from the
Nor take thy holy goost fro me
Make me rejoyse in thy savynge health
Thy myghty spirite strength me for my wealth
¶ Thy waye shall I shewe to men full of vyce
And enstructe them well in thy service
That wicked men and ungodly
Maye be converted unto the
O god, o god my Savioure
Delyver me from the synne of murther
My tonge shall rejoyse in thy mercye
Open my lippes / and my mouth shal prayse the
L4vGoostly psalmes
✱¶ Thou wylt have no bodely offrynge
I thought them els to the to brynge
Gods sacrifice is a troubled spirite
✱ Thou wilt not dispise a harte contrite
With Sion (o god) deale gently
That Hierusalem walles may buylded be
That shalt thou delyte in the ryght offrynge
Which men shall with theyr calves brynge.


¶ De profundis.

Out of the depe crye I to the
O lorde lorde
heare my callynge.
Oh let thyne eares encly-
ned be
to the voyce of my complaynynge.
M1rand spirituall songes.Fo.xlv.
✱ yf thou (lorde) wylt deale with stratenesse,
marke all that is done amysse,
lorde who may
abyde that rekenynge?
✱¶ But there is mercy ever with the
That thou therfore mayest be feared
I wyll abyde the lorde paciently
My soule loketh for hym unfaynted
And in his worde is all my trust
So is my hope and conforte most
His promysse shalbe fulfylled.
M.i. M1vGoostly psalmes
¶ As the watche men in the mornynge
Stonde lokynge longe desyrously
That they myght se the fayre day sprynge
So wayteth my soule for the lorde dayly
Therfore let Israel wayte styll
Untyll it be the lordes wyll
To lowse them from adversite
✱ For with the lorde there is mercy
And great plenteous redempcyon
✱ All though we synne oft wickedly
Yet hath he for us a sure pardon
✱ He shall redeme poore Israel
And hym shall he delyver full well
From all the synnes that he hath done.

The.xxiiii.Psalme of David.

¶ Ad te Domine leuaui.

I lyft my soule lord up to the
my god I trust
on the alone
let me never confounded be
M2rand spirituall songes.Fo.xlvi.
enemyes els wyll mocke me soone ✱
they shall
not be shamed that trust on the
but they that
scornefull despysers be
those shall be put to
M.ii. M2vGoostly psalmes
¶ Shewe me o lorde thy godly wayes
And lerne me the ryght pathes to the
In thy verite leade me alwayes
Thou art god my Savioure truly
Lerne me, for in the is all my trust
My hope, my beleve, and conforte most
All the daye longe continually.
¶ Remembre lorde thy great mercy
And thy great plenteous kyndnesse
Call to thy mynde lorde we praye the
Thy gracious favoure and gentylnesse
For in these thynges thou excellest greatly
Even from the begynnynge eternally
Thou art so ryche in mercyfulnesse.
¶ My fautes and my ungodlynesse
My synfull youth and evell bearynge
As thou art lorde full of goodnesse
Remembre not this my evell lyvynge
But after thy mercy thynke on me
And after thy great benignite
Forgyve thou all my mysdoynge.
¶ The lorde is juste full of goodnesse
To synners that leave theyr evell lyvynge
✱ For though they fall ofte thorow weaknesse
Yet to his waye he wyll them brynge
He shall lerne meke men his gracyous wylll
And teach them his waye to come thertyll
And set theyr fete fast for slippynge.
M3rand spirituall songes.Fo.xlvii.
¶ All wayes of the lorde are full truly
Both of mercy and faythfulnesse
For as he promyseth mercyfully
So payeth he all without doublynesse
To soch as regarde his worde and wyll
And are ever redy to fulfyll
Theyr covenaunt with hym and theyr promesse
¶ For thy names sake lorde I praye the
Forgeve me my great wickednesse
The lorde shall lerne that man truly
That feareth hym with all lowlynesse
He shalbe teachynge hym ever the waye
That pleaseth hym both nyght and daye
His conscience shalbe in quyetnesse
His chyldren shall possesse the londe
It shalbe theyr heretage and ryght
✱ They shall never want by see nor sonde
The lorde wyll fede them thorow his myght
He is a defence both lovynge and deare
For every man that hym doth feare
Shewynge them his covenaunte daye & nyght.
¶ Myne eyes shall on the lorde be set
Tyll he se his tyme and season
To drawe my fete out of this net
That holdeth me so fast in prison
Beholde thou and have mercy on me
For I am forsaken in mysery
And full of great affliction.
M.iii. M3vGoostly Psalmes
¶ The cares of my harte and sorofulnesse
Increase me out of my hevynesse
And my poore state beholde therfore
Forgeve thou all my synnes and se
How many they are that trouble me
And persecute me with furiousnesse.
¶ Preserve my soule and delyver me
Lest I be brought to confusion
For I have put my trust in the
Let godlynesse kepe me all season
My hope is in the, and shalbe styll
Oh god delyver poore Israell
From all theyr trouble and affliction.

¶ The.lxvii.Psalme.

¶ Deus misereature nostri

God be mercyfull unto us
and sende over us
his blessynge
shewe us his presence glorious
M4rand spirituall songes.Fo.xlviii.
& be ever to us lovynge
that men on earth may
knowe thy waye
thy savynge health & ryghte-
that they be not led by nyght nor
thorowe the pretexte of trewe justice
M4vGoostly Psalmes
seke salvacyon where none is.
¶ Therfore the people mought magnyfie the
O god let all folke honoure thy name
Let all the people rejoyse gladly
Because thou dost ryght without blame
The people dost thou judge truly
And ordrest every nacyon
Thou hast directe the earth justly
Ever sense the fyrst creacyon
With thy godly provision
¶ O god let the people prayse the
All people (god) mought geve the honoure
The earth also ryght plenteously
Mought increase ever more and more
And god which is oure god over all
Mought do us good and pleasure
God blesse us now both great and small
And all the worlde hym honoure
Fearynge alwaye his myght and power

The.xiii.Psalme of David.

¶ Dixit insipiens.

N1rand spirituall songes.Fo.xlix.
The foolysh wicked men can saye
they holde
of god ryght perfectly.
Yet are they farre out
of the way
for in theyr hartes they hym deny
corrupte and abhominable are they also
in al
N.i. N1vGoostly psalmes
the thynges that they do
there wyll not one
do good truly.
✱¶ The lorde dyd loke here downe fro[m] heaven
Men to consyder and theyr doynge
To se yfany men were geven
To gods knowlege above all thynge
Yf there were any that perfectly
Regarded god so earnestly
To folowe his worde in his lyvynge.
Then sayd god these wordes morover
Is every man gone so farre by
Swarved so farre now all together
From the ryght waye so parlously
So unprofitable and peryshed
That no man wyll do good in dede
✱ No not so moche as one truly.
N2rand spirituall songes.Fo.l.
¶ Are they out of theyr myndes so farre
All these workes of wickednesse
Beholde now / for they nothynge care
My people to devoure for gredynesse
As one shulde eat a pece of bread
The lordes feare is out of theyr heade
They do not regarde it moch doutlesse.
Wherfore they shalbe feared truly
With feare incomparable and endlesse
O ryghtuous man thou mayst be mery
For they that beseged the gyltles
Theyr bones hath god shaken altogether
Now shalt thou despyse them for ever
For god hath left them confortles.
¶ God is in just mens company
And in the ryghtuous nacyon
But wicked men mocke them dayly
For none other cause nor reason
But for because they folowe the mynde
Of the poore afflicte which was Gods frende
To trust in the lordes redempcyon.
¶ O wolde God that the savynge health
Wolde come from the hyll of Sion
That Israel myght have his wealth
And God to lowse hym from preson
Then shulde Jacob be full of joye
And Israel shulde make full mery
Because of his redempcyon.
N.ii. N2vGoostly psalmes


¶ Lauda Hierusalem dominum

Prayse thou the lorde Hierusale[m]
prayse thou
thy god o Sion
for all thy strength stondeth
whole in hym
he barreth & kepeth thy gates
endewyng thy chyldre[n] in the [with] goodly
N3rand spirituall songes.Fo.li
gyftes ple[n]teously
blessyng thy co[n]gregacion
¶ He doth endewe thy borders all
Rounde about the with peace and rest
His provision for the is not small
With wheate he feadeth the of the best
He sendeth his worde into the earth
✱ Swyftly renneth his commaundement forth
Ge.1.aPsal.32.b. &148.a.
All thynges obeye hym most and least
¶ Lyke woll doth he cast downe the snowe
Scatrynge the frost lyke as asshes
Lyke morsels of bread his haile doth he throwe
That no man maye byde the coldnesse
With a worde meltynge them all agayne
And leadeth his wynde back to geve rayne
So droppe the waters downe with moystneste.
¶ This same is he that tolde ryght well
✱ His pleasures to Jacob his deare frende
His lawes and decrees to Israell
That they myght kepe them in theyr mynde
✱ With no nacyon hath he dealte thus
Nor bene to them so gracyous
His godly worde them for to sende.
N.iii. N3vGoostly psalmes


¶ Ecce quam bonum.

Beholde and se forget not this
how joyfull &
pleasaunt a thynge it is
brethren to dwell all
and to be of one mynde ever.
¶ For they are lyke that precious unction
Which beynge powered on the head of Aaron
Ran in his bearde into Aarons bearde
And to his skirtes it descended.
¶ This brotherly love is so noble vertue
That it is lykened unto the dew
Which fell on the hyll of Hermon
N4rand spirituall songesFo.lii
And on the fayre hill of Sion.
¶ For there the lorde gave his blessynge
And shewed his lyfe everlastynge
So where as love is unfayned
There is the lordes blessynge in dede.

Christe qui lux.

O Christ the are the lyght & day
thou discoverst the
darknes of nyght
the lyght of lyghtes thou art
preachyng ever the blessed lyght.
N4vGoostly psalmes
¶ Thou holy lorde to the we praye
Defende us all in this darke nyght
Let us have rest in the alwaye
And graunt us all a quyet nyght.
¶ Let not hevye slepe on us fall
Nor let the feynde take us awaye
Let not oure fleshe consent with all
To make us gyltie by nyght nor daye.
¶ Loke on us lorde oure defender
Put them downe that wolde us no good
Kepe thy servantes in good ordre
Whom thou hast bought with thy deare bloude.
¶ Lorde call us now unto thy mynde
In this body that is so hevy
Thou that doest ever oure soule defende
Be present now with thy mercy.
¶ God the father for evermore
With Jesu Christ his sonne only
And the holy goost oure confortoure
Be thanked alwaye hertely. Amen.

O hevenly lorde.

O1rand spirituall songes.Fo.lv.
O heavenly lorde
thy godly worde
longe bene kepte awaye from us
but tho-
row thy grace now in oure dayes
thou hast
shewed the so plenteous
that very well
we can now tell
what thy Apostles have
O.i. O1vGoostly psalmes
written al
and now we se
thy worde ope[n]ly
hath geven Anthechrist a great fall.
¶ It is so cleare / as we may heare
No man by ryght can it deny
That many a yeare / thy people deare
Have bene begyled perlously
With men spirituall / as we them call
But not of thy spirite truly
For more carnall / are none at all
That many of these spirites be.
¶ They have bene ever / sworne altogether
Theyr owne lawes for to kepe alwaye
But mercyfull lorde / of thy swete worde
There durst no man begynne to saye
They durst them call / great heretikes all
That dyd confesse it stedfastly
For they charged / it shulde be hyd
And not be spoken of openly
¶ O mercyfull god / where was thy rod
O2rand spirituall songes.Fo.liiii.
In punyshynge soch great tyranny
Why slepte thou then / knowynge these men
Resist openly the verite
But the prophetes saye / thou art alwaye
Full of mercy and gentylnesse
For nyght and day / thou suffrest that they
Myght turne from theyr olde wickednesse.
¶ Neverthelesse / they dyd oppresse
Thy woorde and thy true preachers
For theyr evellsyght / thou sent thy lyght
Yet slewe they all soch teachers
They seynge they / resisted alway
Thy grace offred so lovyngly
Thou madest it mete / for the poore in sprite
That now receave it thankfully.
¶ For there are none / but they alone
That knowe the for theyr Savioure
All other withstonde / thy godly honde
And slaundre thy worde every houre
Well is hym therfore / that feleth his sore
Sekeynge no helpe but in thy bloude
Receavynge grace / of the alwayes
Knowynge of hym selfe to have no good.
¶ We thanke the lorde / for thy swete worde
And for thy kyndnesse shewed therin
For thy mercy / lorde we praye the
Strength us therwith agaynst all synne
And lorde oppresse / unthankfulnesse
That we never do foget the
Graunt us thy spirite / to lyve thorowe it
In vertue ever whyle we dye
O.ii. O2vGoostly psalmes

Let go the whore of Babilon.

Let go the whore of Babilon,
her kyng-
dome falleth sore
her marchauntes begyne
to make theyr mone
the Lorde be praysed
Theyr ware is naught
it wyll not be
O3rand spirituall songes.Fo.lvii.
great falsheed is fou[n]de therin
let go
the whore of Babilon the mother of al synne.
¶ No man wyll drynke her wyne any [more]
The poyson is come to lyghte
That maketh her marchauntes to wepe so sore
The blynde have gotten theyr syghte
For now we se / gods grace frelye
In Christ offred us so fayre
Let go the whore of Babilon
And by nomore her ware.
¶ Of Christen bloude so moch she shed
That she was dronken withall
But now Gods worde hath broken her head
And she hath gotten a fall
God hath raysed / some men in dede
To utter her great wickednesse
Let go the whore of babilon
And her ungodlynesse.
O.iii. O3vGoostly Psalmes
¶ Ye ypocrites what can the saye?
Wo be unto you all
Ye have begyled us many a daye
Heretikes the dyd us call
For lovynge the worde / of Christ the Lorde
Whom the do alway resiste
Let go the whore of Babilon
That rydeth upon the beast.
¶ Ye proude and cruell Egipcians
That dyd us so great wronge
The lorde hath sent us delyveraunce
Thoughe the have troubled us longe
Youre Pharao / with other mo
Is drowned in the reed see
Let go the whore of Babilon
With her captivite.
¶ Ye Cananites the enemyes all
Though the were many in dede
Yet hath the lorde geven you a fall
And is delyvered
Even in youre londe / do we now stonde
Oure lorde god hath brought us in
Let go the whore of Babilon
And fle from all her synne.
¶ Dagon Dagon that false ydoll
The Philistines god
Which hath deceaved many a soule
In soch honoure he stode
But now the lorde / with his swete worde
Hath broken hym downe before the Arke
Let go the whore of Babilon
O4rand spirituall songes.Fo.lvi.
And forsake the beestes marke.
¶ Balaam Balaam thou false prophet
Thou hast cursed us ryght sore
Yet in to a blessynge hath god turned it
No thanke to the therfore
For thy belye / thou woldest lye
Though god make the to saye the soth
Let go the whore of Babilon
And turne you to the trueth.
¶ Thy god be praysed o Daniel
For his goodnesse so great
The gredy prestes of the Idoll Bel
Were wonte to moche to eate
And that prively / no man dyd se
But now the kynge hath spied theyr cast
Let go the whore of Babilon
For Bell is destroyed at the last.
¶ O glorious god full of mercye
We thanke the evermore
Thou hast shewed us thy verite
Thy name be praysed therfore
For thy swete worde / O gracious lorde
Let us be ever thankfull to the
And sende the whore of Babilon
In to captivite.
¶ Rejoyse with me thou heaven above
And the Apostles all
Be glad the people for Christes love
That the whore hath gotten a fall
Be thankfull now I requyre you
O4vGoostly Psalmes
Amende youre lyves while the have space
Let go the whorre of Babilon
And thankes god of his grace.

¶ The songes conteyned in this boke,

  • Thre songes of the holy goost. fo.i.
  • Another of the Trenite. fo.iiii.
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  • The.Cxxiii.psal. Nisi quia dominus. fo.xxxvi.
  • The.Cxxxvi.psalme. Super flumina babi. fo.xxxvii.
  • The. Cxxvii. Beati omnes, Another of the same. fo.xxxix.
  • The.L.psalme. Miserers mei deus. Another of the same. fo.xli.
  • The.Cxxix.psalme, De profu[n]dis fo.xliiii.
  • The.xxiiii.psalme. Ad te domine leua. fo.xlv.
  • The.lxvii.psal. De[us] misereatur. fo.xlvii.
  • The.xiii.psal, Dixit insipiens. fo.xlix.
  • The.C. xlvii.psal. Lauda hierusale[m]. fo.l,
  • The,C,xxxiii, Ecce qu[am] bon[um], fo,li,
  • O heavenly lorde, fo,liii,
  • Let go the whore of babilon, fo,fo,lvi,
¶ Imprynted by me Iohan Gough. Cum privilegio regali.

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Title: Gooſtly pſalmes and ſpirituall ſonges dꝛawen out of the holy Scripture, foꝛ the comfoꝛ te and conſolacyon of ſoch as loue to reioyſe in God and his woꝛde.
Author: Coverdale, Miles, 1488-1568
Edition: Taylor Edition
Series: Taylor Editions: Guest
Editor: Edited by Freya Mugford


Oxford, The Queen's College Library, Sel.d.81

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Paper with sheepskin leather binding, with evidence of rebinding in the 19th century.

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This is a facsimile and partial transcription of Goostly psalmes and spirituall songes. It is held by the Queen's College (shelf mark Sel.d.81(4))..

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Coverdale, Miles, 1488-1568 Gooſtly pſalmes and ſpirituall ſonges dꝛawen out of the holy Scripture, foꝛ the comfoꝛ te and conſolacyon of ſoch as loue to reioyſe in God and his woꝛde. [London] : Imprynted by [i.e. in the shop of J. Rastell for] me Iohan Gough, [1535?].  

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